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Guinea AluminaCorporation, Aluminum Industry&Production

Guinea aluminium industry - Find the best Guinea AluminaCorporation, Aluminum Industry&Production in South Africa.Gacguinee is developing a bauxite mine and associated export facilities.

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Guinea Alumina Corporation is currently developing a bauxite mine and associated export facilities in the Boké region of north-western Guinea, close to existing mines that are operated by other companies.

This is the first phase of our investment in Guinea.

Once steady state operations are achieved, we expect to produce some 12 million tonnes of bauxite per year, all of which will be exported.

Our mining concession area mostly consists of low hills. Bauxite deposits are found at or near the surface on the plateaus of these hills.

We are currently building infrastructure in our concession to support mining operations. The mining method we will use is a traditional open pit drill-and-blast operation.

The broken material will be loaded directly onto trucks and taken for crushing. We will progressively rehabilitate mined areas as we complete the mining of each plateau.

Our concession is close to an existing railway line operated by Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée and used by other companies mining nearby to transport bauxite ore to the port at Kamsar some 75 kilometres to the southwest.

We are building a spur to connect our concession with this railway line. We are also building rail loops and facilities for both train loading at our concession and for unloading at our port facilities at Kamsar. We are working with other operators to upgrade the capacity of the railway line itself.

At the port, GAC is constructing a 1.5 kilometre-long jetty with a conveyor belt to move bauxite ore from shore to barges. The bauxite ore will be trans-shipped from these barges to larger ocean-going vessels using Emirates Global Aluminium’s trans-shipment facilities at anchorage points offshore.

Kamsar is located at the mouth of a river, Rio Nunez. We are widening and deepening the navigation channel from our jetty to the open sea.

During construction, we are landing material and equipment at a container terminal we have built at Kamsar port. We opened this facility in 2016. Once construction of our mine and associated facilities are complete, it will be made available for commercial use by other companies and organisations.

Our mining concession has an initial term of 25 years from its promulgation by the Decree of the President of Guinea  in 2005, renewing automatically for a further 25 years, thereafter 10 years on a conditional basis.

GAC’s mining area is located in Tanènè, in the region of Boké, around 168 kilometres north of the country’s capital, Conakry. 

We aim to conduct our business with integrity based on Guinea Alumina Corporation’s values and applicable laws. Working with integrity allows us to meet the high expectations of our shareholders, customers, business partners and communities.

Our Code of Conduct details our expectations for how everyone at GAC – including directors, employees, contract workers and consultants working with or on behalf of GAC – should behave.

Please click here to access to GAC’s ABAC Framework.
GAC also operates a zero-cash policy for payments. We require all transactions to be carried out by bank transfer or cheque, to ensure traceability and recording.

On 9 December each year, GAC marks International Anti-Corruption Day to further sensitise employees to the risks related to corruption, and to reinforce our corporate commitment to combat this scourge.

GAC has an independently-operated system to ensure anyone may anonymously and confidentially report any concern related to integrity. This system is called: “Your Voice”. It is available 24/7 and in multiple languages by toll free telephone, online and through letter boxes at our sites.

Concerns can be reported by email to gaccompliance@ega.ae or by telephone within the company on extension 8123.

GAC follows and adheres to the Code of Conduct of its parent company, EGA.

Download GAC's 'Code of Conduct' here

We also expect that our suppliers, contractors and business partners adopt the same high standards and principles through adhering to our Supplier Declaration - Download GAC ‘Supplier Declaration here

Guinea AluminaCorporation, Aluminum Industry&Production

Guinea aluminium industry - Find the best Guinea AluminaCorporation, Aluminum Industry&Production in South Africa.Gacguinee is develop...